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LOPERIN FINANCIAL: We ensure bank guarantees to all of our clients and we are in charge of all the processes involved in it. A Bank Guarantee is a promise made by the bank to fulfill the responsibilities of a debtor in the event that a person does not fulfill the contractual obligations of the beneficiary and the applicant. The beneficiary receives the payment guarantee.


The Bank Guarantee is a useful financial instrument that allows companies to grow their current business by bidding on transactions, and buying what they need, when they need it. 


There are several instruments that can be used, including a bid bond, a performance bond, a prepayment guarantee, a security bond, an indemnity letter, a payment guarantee, a rental guarantee, or a money order, confirmed.  Among others.  Whatever you need, we have it.

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Our Company

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LOPERIN S.A (Uruguay) – LOPERIN S.A (Chile)

TRADING: We develop markets and alliances with long-term contract businesses, constantly monitoring their operation.

We have control of Commodities to supply the industry, investments, sellers and also intermediaries with any business of basic products, main strength in mining with Copper Cathodes from Africa. – Europe Mexico and the north of Chile, Gold doré bars, tantalite, among others

LOPERIN FINANCIAL (Africa – Uruguay)

We focus on providing commercial financing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction; we like to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from SBLC – DLC – BG – PB.



We provide service, sales, direct and indirect inputs https://www.mercadopublico.clHome Municipalities of Chile and of the Chilean government.

Our Team

Maria Gabriela Arce Powel 

In-House Legal Counsel Loperin Trading



Graduated from one of the top law universities, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law as a Juris Doctor of Business Law, Maria Gabriela has also Selected Coursework at Kellogg School of Management and at Pritzker School of Law: Investment Banking; Securities Regulation; 

Structured Transactions; Financial Institutions; M&A; Venture Capital; Medical Innovation; Real Estate Investing; Innovation Law; (International) Securitization; Corporations; International Investment; Arbitration; Entrepreneurship; Real Estate Debt Equity.

Steffensen Cannon Fellowship, 2010–2012; Phi Kappa Phi, Fall 2010.

Study Abroad: L’Institut Touraine, Tours, France, Summers 2011, 2012.

Among Gabrielas work experience we can mention: JP Morgan Chase, Holborn Assets Dubai, Finra, Pivoton Capital, among others.

Gabriela is fluent in English, Arab, German, French and Spanish.

And since 2018 she has developed herself as an international business advocate for Loperin S.A. in the Chile, Uruguay and New York branches.

United States of America

Washington, D.C.



Maria José Arce R.

Vice President Loperin Financial


María José has been in the mining industry for over 15 years, since she started working at the Ministry of Energy and Mining for Guatemala in the Legal Area, reviewing and approving different files to get exploration licences, since there María José grew her experience in metals, such as gold, jade, silicon, among others.  She worked very closely with China with different minerals and she has a very wide experience in many different minerals, metal trading and Financial/banking instruments. 

As Vice – President of the company LOPERIN FINANCIAL, she is in charge of taking over the business and verifying the different commitments assumed by the company.

She has worked in our Uganda, Tanzania, Mèxico, Chile, Uruguay and Romania Agencies.


Lucio Vizcaino L.

Latin America Business Director


Lucio, graduated in México with a Bachelor of Business Administration, he continued his  business studies at Saginaw Valley University and Delta College in Michigan, United States.

He has been a consultant and Director of several companies in food, advertising, marketing, sales, purchases, commodities and more and currently in Loperin in the Financial area.

MÉXICO – Aguascalientes


Gonzalo Ferrada M.

Business Legal adviser LatinoAmerica


Gonzalo, graduated from the University of Chile, Master of Business Law at Universidad del Desarrollo (Concepción), has developed major experience as professional legal Advisor for important companies in the Maule Region on labor, commercial and tax matters.

He also has extensive experience in civil, commercial and tax litigation.

Currently Gonzalo is Loperin’s Legal Advisor and Business Coordinator for the acquisitions of actives, bank guarantee leasing.

CHILE – Santiago – Linares





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2512 Q Street North West –
Washington D.C. 

Zip Code: 20007

United States 




Montevideo – Uruguays



+1 (702) 3530349


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